Leadership Team

Glen Knopp, Board Chair

Founder of ITL® and provides oversight to guide the sustained growth of ITL® in multiple U.S. and International markets and coordinate with vendors to develop unique new products for the marketplace.

Ron MacKenzie, Chief Technical Officer

Responsible for production oversight at ITL® Fostoria, Ohio Plant and sales support

Joined ITL® in October, 2010 with over 30 years in the liner and containment industry.

BTL (10 years) – Served as General Manger & Chief Operations Officer since 2005.

Prior to BTL, worked for MPC Containment, a large industrial lining firm in Chicago for approx. 10+ years. Company specialized primarily in military containment applications both primary and secondary. It also did significant amount of landfill and floating cover applications. Started work as an installer with the last five years as the construction manager.

Started in the industry with what was, at that time, the largest floating cover and one of the larger liner installers in Canada and producer of HDPE sheets. Columbia Geosystems, a family owned business.

Over 300 million SF of installation, supervisory and manufacturing experience in the liner and containment industry.