ITL® Mission Statement

Inland Tarp & Liner (ITL) will efficiently design, produce and market premium quality liners, tarps, related products and services to meet our customers’ needs, while providing a reasonable return on investment.

ITL will uphold the highest standard of integrity and moral conduct in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and fellow employees.

We will provide an environment where employees treat team members, customers and suppliers with the same compassion, courtesy and respect they desire in return.

We will continuously work on employee engagement and growth while assuring that each family’s basic financial needs are met.

ITL will invest time and money in our communities and beyond to make the world a better place.

“How we do business is more important than what business we do”.

ITL® Core Values

Our Team will build a unique environment using exceptional products and service through continual improvement and sharing of resources.

Our Team

  • It takes the teamwork of great customers, employees, vendors and industry allies to make a successful business.
  • We will work together to continuously improve efficiency, quality, customer service, the work environment, skills, and recognition for superior individual and team effort.
  • We will strive to build strong healthy families. We will encourage positive free flowing and open lines of communication between team members.
  • We will be loyal and provide opportunity for professional and personal growth offering advancement opportunities to those who are part of the team before hiring people from outside to fill a position.
  • We will not be satisfied until every slot is filled with the right employee, vendor or industry ally.
  • We will hire the right people to place on the team, sometimes even before having a position available.
  • Our foundation is based on truth, honesty, integrity and moral conduct.

Building a Unique Environment

  • We strive to encourage enthusiasm, energy and mutual respect in a positive work environment, building a family team that has outstanding communications skills and is honest, ethical and moral in all we do.
  • We will deliver a consistent and positive message that honestly portrays the exceptional products and opportunities offered.
  • Our work place will be kept clean in order to improve overall safety, efficiency and image of the company.
  • Our production systems will be built for maximum flexibility in order to quickly and efficiently switch from one product to another.

Exceptional Products and Service

  • We will study and become knowledgeable of customer and vendor's businesses to provide them with exceptional, timely and individual assistance with solutions to satisfy their needs.
  • We will deliver a better combination of product and service than expected. It is our goal to willingly tackle the toughest jobs with a "can do" attitude and to remember customer satisfaction helps to secure our jobs.
  • We will develop niche markets and products, supplementing standard ones, to consistently provide bottom line profit.
  • We will source products from the USA unless there is a significant advantage to source them elsewhere.

Continual Improvement

  • We will continually research and develop superior solutions using carefully chosen materials, design, processes and packaging to offer them to our customers.
  • We will develop and follow the most efficient manufacturing, sales and service processes and implement them to consistently deliver a superior product competitively.
  • We will constantly strive to improve the working environment, communication, relationships and ethics of all team members.

Sharing of Resources

  • We will strive to generate bottom line profits above their target levels to benefit team members.
  • We will volunteer time and/or financial support to improve our local and global communities.