Sun, rain and traffic wear down your valuable investment and can impact your sports activities and events. Protect your investment with an Athletic Field Cover!

Fabricated in the USA

Athletic covers manufactured by Inland Tarp & Liner, LLC (ITL™) can be specifically designed and built to fit your individual need or we can ship you a standard size. You have a choice of fabric type and color plus you benefit from the quick turnaround time our fabrication plant can offer. If you have a need that is a bit unusual, give us a call. You will be amazed at what we can provide you.


ITL™ Athletic Covers are used to preserve a safe and playable surface on your baseball, softball, football or soccer field between periods of inclement weather. Sports enthusiasts around the world are recognizing the value in protecting their sports fields, equipment and floors with high quality protective covers.

ITL™ Athletic Covers can save you money by allowing your sports activities to continue according to schedule following periods of rain. A few hundred or thousand dollars spent on a cover can be earned back several times over from ticket fees and concessions profits that would otherwise be lost if a game has to be forfeited.

Athletic Field Base Covers

3‐Pack: 12' x 12' 18 oz Vinyl Athletic Base Covers
Royal Blue
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