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What is ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll®?

ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll® is an advanced cement composite that is easily and quickly deployed.

ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll®, (ITL RCR®), is a dry powdered concrete that is encapsulated between two pieces of non-woven geotextile. When rolled out and hydrated, it takes shape into a durable structure suitable for reinforcement or protective lining at a fraction of the installation time of conventional concrete pours.

One side of ITL RCR® is made up of Polypropylene (PP), a 6 ounce, non-woven geotextile. The other side of ITL RCR® is a composite of 6 ounce non-woven PP and 6 ounce calendered non-woven PP that is needle-punched together.

ITL RCR® is available in two thicknesses of 7mm, (ITL RCR-7®) and 12mm (ITL RCR-12®). ITL RCR-7® can be used for erosion control, irrigation canals, containment ponds and liner armor protection. For vehicle or equipment traffic (with proper subgrade), ITL RCR-12® offers a solution for temporary roads and drive-over swales.

ITL RCR® roll sizes are 5m x 20m, (~16'4" x ~65'7"), and can be installed in dry weather, rain, under water, and without traditional heavy cement trucks, mixing, forms, or rebar.

Strong and Versatile

Where conventional concrete is cost prohibitive, ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll®  provides the flexibility and pliable solution that exceeds performance expectations of other solutions. 

Within 24 hours of hydration, ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll® can be walked on. Within 28 days it’s cured and reached maximum compression strength. Fully cured, ITL RCR®  is designed to resist compression, is fire resistant, and Freeze/Thaw tolerant to -50F.  

It's a game changer for conventional projects and remote locations.  


ITL RCR® is MSHA-IC-375-01 certified from U.S. Department of Labor Mining Safety and Health Administration.

Save Time and Installation Costs with ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll®

ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll®  is available in standard sizes of 5m x 20m (~16'4" x ~65'7"), in either 12mm thickness (ITL RCR-12®) or 7mm thickness (ITL RCR-7®). 

ITL RCR® roll sizes are designed to get the job done quickly. No cement trucks, no rebar, no specialized equipment. Site preparation is often not needed. Simply unroll and go. 

Faster installation than conventional concrete erosion control systems and ITL RCR® installation also complies with safe work standards.

ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll® Green Story

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

ITL RCR® is a friendlier solution to conventional concrete erosion control methods such as traditional concrete, shotcrete, grout blankets and rip rap. ITL RCR® is a friendlier solution to conventional concrete erosion control methods such as traditional concrete, shotcrete, grout blankets and rip rap.

How different 23,672 ft² of concrete coverage can look.

Based on ITL RCR-7

  • One truck of ITL RCR-7 ® material (24 rolls)
  • Two water trucks
  • One piece of equipment to lift and unroll the material

Based on 4" of concrete

  • One truck carrying rebar, forms, and concrete tools
  • 32 concrete trucks

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