• ITL® 40X™ & 40XGL™

    ITL® 40X™ & 40XGL™ Tested and Proven in O&G Markets:

    It is a five ply – two scrim layers with a coating between the scrims plus coating on top and bottom. This provides extremely high tear strengths, puncture and mullen burst resistance. The ITL 40XGL™ is a combination of ITL 40X™ with the addition of a Geotextile Laminated (GL) to one side. Read more


    Premium Quality. Built To Last.

    Whether you choose our Performer™, Bull Flex™ or HaySaver™ ITL® hay tarps are designed specifically to cover round or square bales in a wide range of stacking patterns to offer a superior covering advantage for the even most demanding weather conditions. Read more


    Quality Protection During Any Season

    Sun, rain and traffic wear down your valuable investment and can impact your sports activities and events. Protect your investment with an Athletic Field Cover! Read more