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Long Term Solution Slope Protection in South Texas

RCR-12® | Slope Stabilization

Earthen Slope Before Stabilization

Slope Stabilized using Reinforced Concrete Roll®

Project Objectives Using Reinforced Concrete Roll®


Armoring a failing 1,500 linear feet slope (1.5:1) at a chemical facility perimeter using RCR-12®. Challenges: installers inexperienced in using RCR® material, numerous pipe penetrations, and an existing chain-link fence within the work area.


Provide a durable slope stabilization solution for the chemical facility’s eroding perimeter, accommodating fence, pipes, and obstructions without removing fence or restricting secured access.


• Low Effort Installation
• Sustainability
• Cost-Effective Material
• Easy Customization

Slope Protection for Chemical Containment Facility in South Texas

In response to a failing slope (1.5:1), endangering the security and stability of the perimeter of a chemical facility, a comprehensive armoring solution was implemented. The selected approach involved utilizing RCR-12®, an innovative material, to address the erosion issue.

Despite challenges like heavy rains causing slippery work surfaces, numerous pipe penetrations, the presence of a chain-link fence, and an existing drainage ditch, the project was completed in just 13 days.

RCR-12®’s deployment streamlined the process, covering around 10,000 ft2 daily with minimal prep work. It's capacity to conform to the slope’s natural contour upon hydration eliminated the need for complex processes such as rebar tying or shotcrete application. Moreover, the material’s sustainability, as indicated by a 30-year warranty, offered long-term stability while minimizing ongoing maintenance requirements.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, RCR-12 emerged as a superior choice compared to traditional concrete or shotcrete, providing significant savings. This case study highlights how an innovative approach, coupled with meticulous planning, resulted in the successful armoring of the failing slope, safeguarding the chemical facility’s perimeter.

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