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Company Culture

At Inland Tarp and Liner (ITL), our core values drive our business. With a vision to foster an environment where people flourish through responsible stewardship, we're guided by the belief that "How We Do Business Is More Important Than What Business We Do."

Our team thrives on collaboration, mutual respect, and open communication. We prioritize employee growth, offering advancement opportunities within our family-like atmosphere.

Integrity, compassion, and respect define our interactions with customers, suppliers, and fellow employees. We're dedicated to delivering exceptional products and service, continuously improving through research and development, and contributing to our communities.

At ITL, we're committed to designing, producing, and marketing premium quality liners, tarps, and related products. Our goal is to meet customer needs while ensuring a reasonable return on investment.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Our employees participate in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) as part of our commitment to employee ownership and engagement. The ESOP is designed to provide eligible employees with an opportunity to share in the success and growth of the company by granting them ownership through allocated stock. The ESOP is designed to reward employees for their service by providing a retirement benefit at no cost to the employee.


At Inland Tarp & Liner, we believe that providing competitive and comprehensive benefits is essential to attract, retain, and support our valued employees. Our Benefit Philosophy is centered around creating a supportive environment that prioritizes the well-being and financial security of our employees and their families. This philosophy guides the design and administration of our benefits programs.

We embrace a total rewards approach, recognizing that compensation and benefits go beyond salary alone. We strive to offer a total package that includes competitive base compensation, incentives, and a range of benefits that address the diverse needs of our employees. By providing a comprehensive suite of benefits, we aim to enhance their overall job satisfaction and quality of life.

HR Contact Information

Human Resources Manager

Dustin Gietl

Human Resources Generalist

Mindy McManis