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Hay Covering & Accessories

At Inland Tarp & Liner, we understand the unique challenges faced by farmers and growers, and we are committed to helping you maximize your yields and profits.

Hay Tarps

Protect a season’s hard work with our Performer™ and Bull Flex™ premium hay tarps, stack side curtains, underlayment, and patented tie-down systems.

At Inland Tarp & Liner®, (ITL), we use only the highest quality UV-resistant polyethylene fabric manufactured to our own strict specifications. Inland Tarp & Liner hay bale covers are rot, mold, and mildew resistant, providing the best heavy-duty protection on the market. We feel so strongly about the Performer™ and Bull Flex™ haystack tarps, we back them up with an extended warranty on materials, workmanship, and UV degradation.

Whether you purchase a Performer™ or a Bull Flex™ tarping system, you can count on premiere customer service from one of our dedicated service representatives.

Performer™ Tarp System

Information & Warranty

The Performer™ Hay Tarp is designed for the most demanding conditions.

Performer™ Hay Tarps are made from UV resistant 17 mil white/black coated woven polyethylene material. The tarp comes pre-assembled with optimally spaced sections (based on tarp size) of sleeved PVC pipes along the length, UV-stable rot-resistant poly rope, and our patented Super Cinch™ tie-down system. It will arrive ready to deploy.

It’s very important to periodically check the hay tarp and make sure all the ropes are guitar-string tight. With our tie-down kits and our patented Super Cinch™, the ability to adjust the tie-down assembly is quick and easy, thereby avoiding the hassle of slip knots that come undone, ropes that freeze, or ratchet fasteners requiring wrenches.

We manufacture a wide range of sizes to fit almost any stacking pattern.

Sizing Guide

Bull Flex™ Tarp System

Information & Warranty

The Bull Flex™ is the ideal multi-purpose cover for all your tarping needs. It can be used for tarping hay (round bale or square bale), farm equipment, wood piles, or even an RV.

Made from premium UV-resistant polyethylene material, (also rot, mold, and mildew resistant) and ultra-strong tie-down tabs, the tarp is designed for 3-5 years of use when installed and cared for properly. Our reinforced webbing tie-downs every three feet are three times stronger than traditional grommets. Each end of this cover has 2″ seatbelt webbing in sewn pockets to secure the tarp ends from wind damage. The Bull Flex™ also has an innovative pocket design for inserting your own PVC pipe down the length if desired.

The Bull Flex™ is great for tarping round or square bale hay stacks of all sizes. For best performance, the Bull Flex™ is optimally paired with our patented Super Cinch™ tie-down installation kits. When ordering the Super Cinch™ tie-down kit, be sure to select the kit designed to match your bale shape.

Sizing Guide

Hay Tarp Accessories

Tarp Repair Tape

Don't confuse this superior tarp repair tape with duct tape, it's much more durable and manufactured specifically for tarp repair. This heavy-duty repair tool is made from woven hay tarp fabric, mixed with the best adhesive and easy peel-off tape. Not only is it quick and easy to repair common rips and tears with this tape, but it is also very difficult to remove the tape once adhered. This heavy-duty tape is a repair kit essential to get maximum long-term performance from Inland Tarp & Liner® tarps.

This tarp repair tape is the standard for tarp leasing companies, professional hay producers, and exporters around the world. This heavy-duty repair tape is available in white, silver and black.

Hay Stack Side Curtains

Inland Tarp & Liner® Hay Stack Side Curtains have become an increasingly popular option not only for large commercial hay operations, particularly in the west where much of the hay is exported, but also for feed store hay, feed lots, and farms. Our Hay Stack Side Curtains are optimally purchased with Inland Tarp & Liner® Performer™ Hay Tarps or Bull Flex™ Hay Tarps, and Underlayment.

Hay Stack Underlayment

Inland Tarp & Liner® offers a proven bottom bale product that protects against ground moisture and contaminants. When it is absolutely necessary to keep your hay stack in premium condition for sale or use at a later date, use Inland Tarp & Liner™ Underlayment, made from 15 mil silver/white heavy-duty waterproof polyethylene.

Be sure to purchase six feet wider than the hay stack to allow the fabric to tuck up on both sides approximately three feet. For best performance and to guard against water accumulation at the base, a Side Curtain should be purchased to come down over the underlayment.

Bull Flex Tie Down Kit

The key to any hay tarping system is its tie-down method.

Our patented Super Cinch™ combined with a UV stable, rot-resistant quarter-inch poly rope make this kit the ultimate fastening device for our Bull Flex™ hay tarps. Each kit comes with everything needed to secure a 52-foot-long hay tarp. Round and square bale kits are designed differently, so be sure to get the right tie-down kit for the bale shape.

It’s very important to periodically check the hay tarp and make sure all the ropes are guitar-string tight. With our tie-down kits and our patented Super Cinch™ , the ability to adjust the tie-down assembly is quick and easy, thereby avoiding the hassle of slip knots that come undone, ropes that freeze, or ratchet fasteners requiring wrenches.

Each SQUARE bale tie-down kit comes with:

  • 40-18 foot ropes
  • 40-J-hooks
  • 40-Super Cinch™

Each ROUND bale tie-down kit comes with:

  • 20-28 foot ropes
  • 36-Super Cinch™
  • 36-2 foot ropes

J Hooks (20 pc)

J-HOOKS get bent and lost with time. Replace damaged or missing J-Hooks and keep your square bale hay tarp secure.

Black Max UV Rope-2300 Coil

Black Max™ UV Rope, rope used in our own hay tarp installation kits, is specially-formulated for superior strength and high resistance against sunlight deterioration, abrasion, and rot. At 1/4" black rope with a silver tracer, Black Max™ is designed to fit our patented Super Cinch™ tie-down kits. For replacement rope, we can’t top the Black Max™ UV Rope.

If buying a new Performer™ Hay Tarp, this rope is already included with our patented tie-down system and will arrive pre-attached. If buying a Bull Flex™, our best multi-purpose tarp, tie-down kits with this rope would be purchased separately.

Available in 2,300' coils. A round bale tarp typically uses about 600' of rope and square bale tarps use from 500' to 800' depending on the tarp size.

Bag of 40 Super Cinch Tarp Tie-Downs

To get the best protection against wind damage, and longest life out of our premium hay tarps, the patented Super Cinch™ is the ultimate rope tie-down device for quickly and tightly securing Performer™ and Bull Flex™, both square and round bale covers.

The Super Cinch™ isn’t just for hay covers. It’s a great multi-purpose tool for any kind of tie-down needs around the farm and home.

For volume discounts, call: (800) 346-7744