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Above Ground Storage

Factory-fabricated bucket or tapered geomembrane liners in a variety of chemical compositions have become critical in the oil and gas industry for aboveground frac tanks. At Inland Tarp & Liner, we have experienced team members on hand to help you make the best decision for your specific containment application.

Above Ground Storage

Over the past 20 years, hydraulic fracking rules and regulations have become increasingly stringent, and oil and gas producers have become progressively more concerned with environmental stewardship. Quality, factory-fabricated geomembrane liners for the aboveground storage tank (AST) market has become a critical element of fracking infrastructure. As most oil and gas service companies and producers prefer not to field fabricate frac tank liners, liner design and appropriate materials ensure safe and compliant installation and the performance of the products.

By eliminating the need for field fabrication, solving field and weather issues, and simplifying the design to allow for factory-fabricated and tested tapered liners to go in round tanks, significant strides in safety have been made. Increased vetting of the chemical compatibility of short-term containment liners is needed. With the advent of higher-quality LLDPE materials, look to ITL™ to provide a safe and sound frac tank containment solution.

The ITL Advantage for Above Ground Storage Tank Liners

  • Wider base goods for fewer plant fabricated seams, reducing environmental risks
  • Special resins for LLDPE flexibility
  • Proven industry performance in hot and cold weather
  • Custom CAD capabilities
  • Experienced team members on hand from start to finish

Custom Fabrication Requests or Questions?