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Enhancing Mining Operations with Geosynthetic Prowess

Inland Tarp & Liner recognizes that the mining industry is all about extracting precious resources while maintaining long-term safety, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency. Our relentless commitment to innovation and quality makes ITL® your partner of choice for geosynthetic solutions.

Geosynthetic Products: Durability and Resilience

Our core mining solutions are chosen and engineered for extreme durability and resilience in challenging mining environments.

Reinforced Concrete Roll® (MSHA Certified): Inland Tarp & Liner's GCCM (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat) is a game-changer for the mining industry. MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) certified, ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll® offers the utmost protection and armorization in critical mining applications. It provides innovation in lining tailings dams, erosion prevention and control, water flow control, and underground lining applications. With RCR®, look forward to cost and time savings over traditional concrete, especially in remote and rugged landscapes.

Geomembranes: Our geomembranes are essential for containment and the protection of mining sites from potential environmental contamination. They are designed to resist chemical exposure, punctures, and tears, ensuring the long-term integrity of containment systems. Our experienced team is ready to help you determine the right materials for your unique chemical containment requirements.

Geotextiles: Inland Tarp & Liner's geotextiles provide effective drainage, erosion control, and soil stabilization solutions, improving safety and efficiency in mining operations.

Custom Fabrication: Tailored Solutions for Mining Challenges

Every mining project presents unique challenges, requiring custom solutions. Inland Tarp & Liner's custom fabrication services empower mining professionals to achieve precise dimensions and specifications, optimizing the performance and cost of materials. Our expertise ensures that you receive tailor-made solutions.

Complete Mining Solutions for Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Inland Tarp & Liner goes beyond providing products; we offer industry-proven solutions that enhance your mining operations.

From tailings management to mitigating erosion risks to water/chemical containment, we’re here to help you minimize environmental impact and maximize resource recovery.

Explore what our innovative MSHA certified product, ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll® and our various geomembrane offerings by speaking with one of our solutions specialists.

We’re here to ensure that you have optimal results from start to finish.

Why Choose Inland Tarp & Liner for Your Mining Needs?

Proven Performance: Our solutions have a track record of success in mining applications, ensuring operational reliability.

Safety Certification: Inland Tarp & Liner's Reinforced Concrete Roll® is MSHA-certified, providing peace of mind regarding safety and compliance.

Sustainability: We support environmentally responsible mining practices, offering products that minimize environmental impact.

Customization: We understand that mining projects vary widely. Our custom fabrication capabilities ensure solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Comprehensive Support: Our experts are ready to assist you at every stage of your mining project, from planning to execution.

Inland Tarp & Liner is your trusted partner in optimizing mining operations, enhancing safety, and promoting environmental responsibility. Explore our geosynthetic solutions, harness our custom fabrication expertise, and discover how we can collaborate to elevate your mining projects to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your mining needs and secure certified solutions for your operations.