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Grain & Stockpile Covers

If you seek top-of-the-line grain pile and stockpile covers that guarantee unmatched durability and rapid deployment, then look no further than Inland Tarp & Liner. Offering premium materials for both standard stock and custom fabricated covers designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Grain Pile Covers

Our grain covers are meticulously crafted with high-quality 1.5" welds, rigorously tested by our dedicated full-time quality assurance technicians. You can trust that your investment is protected by the finest fabrications available. We take pride in offering tailor-made solutions. Whether you require flat or conical grain pile covers, one-piece or multiple sections sewn together on-site, we've got experienced professionals ready to make sure your commodities are protected ASAP. 

We understand the urgency of your projects. With Inland Tarp & Liner, you can expect prompt service and quick delivery of large grain covers weighing up to an impressive 6500 lbs and manufactured from tough 12 Mil coated-woven polyethylene material in white/black. ITL grain pile covers are engineered to perform under extreme environmental conditions. The secret to rapid deployment lies in the unique folding method – set the cover in the middle, roll it down opposite sides, and effortlessly unfold it onto the pile. Convenience meets efficiency!

Stockpile Covers

Inland Tarp & Liner is renowned for being one of the premier fabricators of stockpile covers, whether you’re covering salt or sand. Our vast array of offerings includes large flat sheets up to 3 acres in size for stockpiles or the more common round covers in either one piece or multiple sections – all customized to your precise requirements.

We understand the importance of a strong cover perimeter. That's why our stockpile covers come equipped with the option to add a row of grommets or D-rings. Each D-ring is sewn into a robust 2” webbing with four rows of stitching, ensuring your cover remains firmly in place, no matter the weather.

Our black 12 mil, 16 mil, 20 mil, or 24 mil reinforced covers, along with the 8 and 12 mil string reinforced covers, are specifically designed to facilitate snow melt and keep your stockpile warm during winter. Alternatively, choose white covers to maintain a cool environment during the hot summer months.

Custom Fabrication Requests or Questions?