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Insulated Floating Covers

Floating covers are designed for you based on your need to reduce evaporation, contain or reduce odor, prevent contamination, or contain heat. Our experienced team is on hand to walk through the design, fabrication, and product to make sure you have the right material for your specific need including temporary and permanent solutions.

Hay Tarps

Home of the Bull Flex™ and Performer™ Hay Tarp systems, we also offer standard and custom-sized side curtains, underlayment, and tie-down kits. By using high-quality components in the tarps, we have achieved superior hay protection unmatched in the marketplace.

Grain and Stock Pile Covers

ITL is one of the premier fabricators of stockpile, and Bunker, Conical, and Yolk style grain covers. Standard or custom sizes are available with quick turnaround times. Custom rain flaps and other accessories are also available.

Athletic Field Covers

Standard and customizable options make ITL athletic covers a preferred choice for athletic applications. Expanded options are available from home plate, base, and pitching mound covers to full field and bullpen covers.

Custom Covers

From marina covers, greenhouse covers, equipment covers, rv covers and more, our experienced staff is available to design and fabricate exactly what you need. We’ll help you select the right material for environmental concerns and make sure whatever you need covered has the optimal protection to fit your budget.

Custom Fabrication Requests or Questions?