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You will find that ITL is able to supply geomembrane and non-woven geotextile for a multitude of applications, including Drilling & Completion Pads, Secondary Containment, Ponds & Impoundments, Pits for Stormwater Runoff, Irrigation & Sediment Ponds, Foam Berms, Insulated Floating Covers, Landfills for Soil & Trash, Hazardous Waste Lagoons, Grain and Stockpile Covers…and so much more.

Liner Solutions

Many of the liner solutions from ITL have enhanced benefits, including: 

  • Recyclable or Reusable (dependent on application and area)
  • Enhanced Reinforcement—some materials available in 5, 6, & 8 layers of thickness
  • Multi Scrim/Multiple Strength (X symbol)
  • Plant Fabricated and Tested— significantly reduces time and weather-related issues for in-field seam welding)
  • Some options may not require geotextile underlayment (considerable time savings, reduced labor, less material to recycle or landfill)

Whether you know exactly the material you’re looking for or you would like to partner with one of our solutions experts to make a determination, we’re here for you.

Some of our most popular liner options include:

Coated Woven Polyethylene with single scrim (also known as WCPE)
ITL Coated Woven Polyethylene (CWPE) is made from woven HDPE tapes known as “base fabric” or “scrim” which provide high tear strengths and puncture resistance. The HDPE scrim is coated on both sides with LDPE to provide flexible barriers to contain liquid.

Applications: Available from ITL in the following thicknesses: 12 mil, 16 mil, 20 mil, 24 mil, 30 mil, 40X™, 40XGL™, 60XGL™

LLDPE geomembrane material is designed to be flexible lining material, that can be factory fabricated, folded, and rolled, ready to deliver to your location ready for deployment. It is widely used in many applications due to its excellent chemical resistance, UV stability, and durability.

Applications: Landfill liner & Caps, Golf Course Ponds, Pond & Lake Liners, Above Ground Storage Tanks, containment pits, and many more. Speak to one of our Solution Specialist for your project.

Available from ITL in the following thicknesses, finishes, and colors: 20 mil, 30 mil, 40 mil, and 60 mil. With Smooth, Textured finishes, and Black, Gray, and White colors

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) geomembranes are the gold standard for environmental protection. They provide an impermeable barrier that safeguards against contamination in industrial applications. It is a versatile and durable material, known for its strength, resistance to chemicals, and UV stability, making it an ideal solution for built-in-place applications.

Applications: Landfills, Waste Lagoons, Mining Applications, water storage, secondary containment, and many more. Speak to one of our Solution Specialists for your project.

Available from ITL in the following thicknesses, finishes, and colors: 40 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil, and 100 mil. With Smooth, Textured finishes, and Black, Gray, and White colors

Our Specialty geomembrane products include XR3, XR5, Reinforced Polypropylene (RPP), Transnet's/Geocomposites, Bird Netting, or even Shade Cloth offering tailored solutions for the most demanding environmental challenges. Form extreme durability in XR5 to the versatility of geocomposites, our specialty offerings provide customized protection and performance for a wide range of applications, ensuring the highest of standards of environmental and engineering excellence.

Applications: Industrial lagoons, potable water, floating covers, agricultural, wildlife protection. Our Solution Specialists can help you navigate your project needs.

XR5 and 36 mil RPP available in quick ship options, other products may require slightly longer lead time.

Non-woven geotextiles (Sometimes called Needle punched or Felt) are the unsung heroes alongside geomembranes, enhancing their performance. These versatile fabrics offer superior filtration, drainage, and soil stabilization, and geomembrane cushioning, ensuring geomembrane projects stand strong and protect the environment for years to come. ITL can offer roll stock or fabricated one piece installation solutions.

Applications: Liner cushioning, filtration, road/rail construction, erosion control, anti-slip surface. So many uses for this versatile product

Available from ITL in the following: Quick Ship 8oz & 10oz, Available to order 4oz to 24 oz Roll Stock or Custom Fabricated for easier installation.


In-Bound Roll Testing
10% of all inbound rolls are tested for Tensile, Thickness, Hydrostatic, and compliance to our standards prior to accepting the load. (All rolls eventually tested). 

Fabrication Testing
Rolls are tested for compliance; machines are verified for function, weld tests, and operator conformance every 4 hours. Every 1000 feet of seam, or once per line tensile tests are taken per machine being used. 

Random Testing
Biannually, random samples are sent to an outside lab from our facilities for independent verification of compliance. 

Specification Publishing
ITL specifications are published using independent lab data as opposed to our testing in-house.

Custom Fabrication Requests or Questions?