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Containment Reliability for Your Landfill Operations

Inland Tarp & Liner recognizes that the landfill sector faces unique challenges in managing waste disposal while prioritizing environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality makes us the trusted partner of choice for landfill operators seeking geosynthetic solutions that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and long-term performance.

Geosynthetic Products: The Backbone of Landfill Management

At the heart of our landfill solutions are our premium quality geomembrane, geotextile and GCCM (Geo Cementitious Composite Mat). Engineered for extreme durability and hazard resistance, these materials play a pivotal role in landfill construction, waste containment, and environmental protection.

Geomembranes: Inland Tarp & Liner's geomembranes are the gold standard for landfill lining and capping systems. They provide a robust barrier that prevents leachate migration and safeguards groundwater from contamination. With exceptional resistance to punctures, tears, and chemical exposure, our geomembranes offer unmatched reliability in waste containment.

Geotextiles & ITL RCR®: Our geotextiles and Reinforced Concrete Roll® optimize landfill operations by enhancing drainage, erosion control, and filtration. They stabilize the soil, reduce the risk of erosion, and promote efficient leachate collection. These geotextiles are integral components of landfill liner systems, ensuring long-term stability and compliance.

Custom Fabrication: Tailored Solutions for Landfill Needs

We realize that not every landfill project is the same, yours could require customized solutions to address specific challenges. Inland Tarp & Liner's custom fabrication services empower landfill operators to achieve precise dimensions and specifications, optimizing the effectiveness of materials in their applications. Our expertise ensures that you get the perfect fit for your landfill project's unique requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions for Landfill Success

Inland Tarp & Liner goes beyond providing products; we deliver holistic solutions that transform landfill operations.

Containment Systems: Our experts collaborate with landfill operators to design efficient containment systems, safeguarding both the landfill's integrity and environmental compliance.

Stormwater Management: Inland Tarp & Liner's GCCM solution (RCR®) facilitates effective stormwater management, preventing erosion and minimizing runoff, which is crucial for maintaining regulatory compliance.

Capping and Closure: When it's time to cap and close a landfill, our products and expertise ensure that the final cover system meets the highest industry standards for environmental protection and long-term stability.

Why Choose Inland Tarp & Liner for Your Landfill Needs?

  • Proven Performance
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Customization
  • Support and Expertise

Inland Tarp & Liner is your trusted partner in enhancing landfill operations, ensuring efficient waste management, and protecting the environment. Explore our solutions, leverage our custom fabrication expertise, and discover how we can collaborate to elevate your landfill projects to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your landfill needs and let us tailor the best solution to meet your requirements.