ITL® offers quality hay tarps, hay covers, hay stack side covers and other hay stack accessories to help protect your ag investment.

Hay tarps or tarpaulins, also known as hay covers, hay stack covers, or bale covers, are used to protect hay produced through a season's hard work in order to sell the product during the best market times and achieve the maximum farm profit. Typically if you buy a hay tarp it can be used for three to five seasons if cared for properly. A few hundred dollars invested to buy a high quality hay tarp may provide you thousands of dollars in savings versus not covering your hay.

Those customers who use the hay rely upon a hay tarp or hay barn to protect the hay they purchased until the livestock have consumed it. If hay is not protected, mold and bacteria cause spoilage of the hay. Spoiled hay fed to livestock can create health problems. Be sure and protect your hay and get maximum production from your livestock. Buy a hay tarp today!

Acreage(TM) Hay Tarp

12 Mil Polyethylene Acreage(TM) Hay Tarp
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