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We provide you a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days so long as the product is returned in "like new" condition and is a stock size item. If the product is a custom built, we will do what we can to remedy any issue that arises up to and including modifying the product to accommodate your need.

All stock size items have a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Performer Hay Tarps have a pro-rated three year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and UV damage.

New and replacement building covers also come with an extended warranty. Please contact us for the specifics on each warranty by calling 800-346-7744. We can then provide you a faxed copy.

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Conical Grain Pile Covers

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Product Weight
This product weighs 569.00 lbs.
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Product Description

Inland Tarp & Liner (ITL), LLC is one of the premier manufacturers of grain pile covers or tarps.  We can provide you quick turnaround on large grain covers up to 6500lbs for flat or the more common conical grain pile covers in either one piece or sections that are sewed together on-site.

You know with Inland Tarp grain covers you are getting a grain cover that is produced with high quality 1.5" welds that are tested by one of our full time QA persons. Grain covers that have sewn and grommeted edges are typically sewn with four rows of stitching to assure a strong cover perimeter.

Customers from around the globe protect their harvested crops with high quality grain covers. Australian wheat growers call these bulk covers. Farmers in the UK call them sheets. Wherever you are the need is the same. Everyone wants to protect their harvested grain crop to assure their ability to market it at the best time. Wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, rice, almond hulls, whole cotton seed and various other commodities are regularly stored under these bulk commodity or grain pile covers.

Material Specifications

Property Reading Unit Test Method
Thickness nominal 12 mils ASTM D 1777*
Mass per Unit Area 6.2 oz/yd. ² ASTM D 751
Grab Tensile:


ASTM D 751
Tongue Tear Resistance:


ASTM D 751
Hydrostatic Resistance 81 psi ASTM D 751
Mullen Burst Strength 330 psi ASTM D 3786
Puncture Resistance 119 lbs ASTM D 4833
Color White/Black Observed
UV Accelerated Weathering
More than 90% strength retained after 2,000 hours exposure

*ASTM D1777 Option 1.

All values are +/- 10% and are not intended as limiting specifications.

Stock Pile Cover - Installation Preparations

Large grain pile covers drain large quantities of rain water that must go somewhere. Be sure the floor of your storage area is higher in the center and slopes down and away from the pile area. In addition, a ventilations system with fans and generator backup is useful to draw the cover down against the grain pile during high wind conditions and for aerating the grain to maximize storage life. A 2' retaining wall built around the perimeter of the grain pile contains the grain within the designated area and provides a surface to fasten the grain tarp to.